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Sunday, September 18th 2016. | Teak Wood

The Appeal of Teak Wood Furniture, What it is, where it comes from, and why we love it. If you’re furniture shopping, you’ve almost certainly come across the term “teak wood.” Teak wood furniture has been around for thousands of years, but it’s really come into vogue in the last century, when the need for long-lasting outdoor furniture started to grow. So what is this amazing, all-purpose material, and why does it make such great furniture? I’m glad you asked.

What is teak?
Teak is a type of wood that comes from (no surprise) the teak tree. Related to birch, teak is naturally hardy and able to withstand damage from weather and insects better than many other types of hardwood. The other major attribute of teak is that it’s incredibly easy to work with compared to other hardwood varieties. Because of this, teak furniture designers and builders favor it, and due to its beautiful appearance so do customers.

What makes it so durable?
The resistance to rot and insects comes primarily from the resin the teak tree produces. It’s a natural insect repellent and basically creates a natural seal. When properly processed, converting the tree into lumber can actually enhance the wood’s weather-proof qualities, allowing it to essentially create its own water seal.

While other wood, especially types used to create wood furniture, is treated to act similarly, even modern technology doesn’t beat out mother nature. Teak furniture is still more valued by collectors (as well as everyday shoppers) than oak or pine. That’s why more and more furniture manufacturers are shifting their focus toward teak, creating an international demand for this amazing wood.

What is teak wood used for?
Due to its durability and versatility, teak is used for a wide variety of different purposes. In the days of wood sailing ships, there was no better material than teak wood for crafting trade vessels. Teak was even used to build most of the naval warships for the British empire in the 1700s, leading to the country’s maritime supremacy.

Today, most people think of teak when they talking about outdoor furniture. Thanks to the same resistance against water and insects that made it ideal for ship building, teak is the most ideal material for outdoor furniture yet discovered. Furniture suppliers of every specialty are increasingly switching their designs to teak for both indoor and outdoor items.


That’s all good, but how will it look in my home?
As furniture manufacturers, providers, and exporters know, the quality, strength, and all other attributes are secondary compared to the most important question: does it make a beautiful piece of furniture? Luckily, the answer here is a resound “yes!” Teak wood has an incredibly appealing natural finish, so much so that you’ll virtually never see it painted or even stained. In fact, it’s beautiful appearance is what led many designers to begin using teak wood for indoor furniture as well as patio sets. People just wanted to see more of it.

So if you’re in the market for some new wood furniture – whether it’s a front porch rocker, a bed frame, or a book shelf – you’d be foolish not to consider teak.

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